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Banda Frade Negro.

Fundação em 2004
Heavy Metal
Membros da banda
Rodrigo Santos - Vocal /
Murilo Soares - Guitarra /
Marcos Strelow - Baixo /
João Ortiz - Bateria
Cidade natal
Jaraguá do Sul - Santa Catarina
Heavy Metal - Santa Catarina - Brazil
You Gonna Die!
Winter 2004 Jaragua do Sul, SC. The explosion of a secret weapon caused the reanimation of the dead via a sound inaudible to the rest of the population, making four undead begin to wage a brutal attack on the inhabitants of the bucolic town, the group consists of suburban men who had the lives entrusted to a single cause. After brutally explode the brains of those they encountered along the way and resist the attack sites, the band decided to continue with their fury through the nearby towns until they reach the first large urban centers, causing hundreds of new undead to follow him in this crusade harmful against the people trapped in their homes. Then decide to take revenge and destruction to the ears of those previously considered saved, and despite the low primerias, launch the EP entitled THE BELLS OF CHAOS. The living dead, being in a state of ecstasy to exact revenge destroying the eardrums of those who try to cross their paths in life known as Rodrigo Santos, ME Strelow, João Ortiz and Murilo Soares is now known as Frade Negro.
Localização atual
Jaraguá do Sul
Accept, Dio, Running Wild, W.A.S.P, Metal Church, Saxon, Overkill, Motorhead...

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